Mikel Muruzabal Studio
Photography + CGI + Film
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Studio adress:
Plaza San Rafael 4, 31005 Pamplona, Spain

Mikel Muruzabal Studio is a fashion, advertising and architectural specialized studio based in Pamplona and Barcelona, northern Spain.
The Studio offers photography, full post-production, CGI and film. Mikel also tries to leave some free time between assignments and his two children to develop his personal projects, mostly in landscape and fashion areas.

Interior Designer
Garbo Decoración 1999-2007

1993-1998 Escuela de Arte de Pamplona, Interior Design degree.

Published in
AD Architectural Digest, Pasajes, Vogue Spain, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Coiffure, Neo2 and more.

Featured in
Fubizz, Bêhance, Fucking Young, Fashion Served, Photography Served, Wacom Gallery, AdWeek Talent Gallery and more.

Ziiiro, Alfaparf Milano, Hairdreams, L'Oréal, AD Architectural Digest, GAPs, Berlys and more.

2014 Club Figaro Awards
2013 Club Figaro Awards
2010 Club Figaro Awards
2009 Cosmobelleza
2007 Fuji ProMaster
2006 Zurich National Photography Contest
2004 Activa 2.0
2002 Rincones de Pamplona

Mission Statement
I want good work. (Demi Moore)

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